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Welcome to Shadeena Entertainment, your award-winning development & production partner in Malta.

Martin Bonnici
Our Story

What brings us here?

Shadeena is the home of award-winning Producer/Director Martin Bonnici. With over 15 years of experience in Film & Broadcast, we offer a development and production partner for all your media projects.

Although mostly known for our cutting-edge original programming, over the years we’ve partnered with agencies and filmmakers from all over the world, to help them bring their vision to life.

Our Services

This is what we do.

Still for 'Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi'

Original Content

Our library of original content keeps growing year be year. From short films to digital experiences, click here to discover what we do.

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Modern media projects need modern partners who understand the industry and the challenges that lie ahead.

Whether you’re looking for financing or talent, we are here to support innovative film, TV, and digital projects.

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Production Services

As a registered service provider we can assist you in setting up all sorts of Film & TV projects in Malta and guide you to maximising your resources through Malta’s generous 40% cash rebate.

Let’s Create Together

Connect with us to explore how we can make your vision a reality. Join us in shaping the future.